Our "services" department creates a haven for your customers. We configure, repair and assemble on site to minimize logistic burdens for your customer base.


Configuration of your modular products can be done at ESP.

Our dedicated team of technicians makes sure that your products are customized on site and delivered on spec.

Software configuration and upgrading of your products is also part of our service portfolio.

This is a 'unique' advantage if you choose to work with ESP.


Repairs/ servicing of your products can be organized and/ or implemented centrally at ESP.


Custom assembly of racks, cabling, pre-wiring and casing is also a unique advantage of opting to work with ESP.

We can make sure that fully functional equipment sets roll out of our warehouses for your customers to install or use on the road.

The ESP service packages are always tailored to meet your unique requirements, making it an ‘effective’ fit for all your objectives.

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